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Abridged Eligibility Guidelines for MEMBERS (MIE)

Institution of Engineers (India)

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Abridged Eligibility Guidelines for MEMBERS (MIE)

1 . Age : Minimum 30 years on the date of application.

2 . Educational Qualification : Qualification recognized by the Institution and included in the rules and syllabi shall be accepted for various classes of membership. Other qualification may be accepted in consultation with the Equivalence Committee.

3 . Experience : Minimum post-qualification experience should be 8 years.

In case of Self-Employed/ Consultant Engineers or those holding relatively lower position of responsibility like Sub Asst Engineer, Supervisor, Overseer etc. minimum requirement of post qualification experience should be 10 years. In case of persons having passed Sections A and B of the Institution Examinations, period of experience shall be reckoned from the date of passing Section A Examination subject to a maximum one year prior to the passing of Section B Examination.

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